Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 8 of Fast

WT: 185lbs

  As you may have noticed, I havent gotten my BP checked recently.  I still will, but probably more sporadically now.  At this point with all the headaches and migraines I've been having, it's almost useless. They tend to feed off of each other and the migraine and BP increase together.

   Every other part of this fast has been pleasant except the migraines.  I believe I probably still would be having them if I was eating, regardless - I'd just be able to hide them better with drugs, or wine.  Which also, is not a terribly healthy way to live.  So with that in mind, I persevere.  All the same... it can be very discouraging.

   I learned last night, that the majority of people who fast need less sleep than the person who is eating, simply because the body expends so much less energy.  Little wonder my nights have been restless.  I just wish I didn't wake up with a headache.  I could handle the less sleep stuff if it weren't for that.

   Here's some really fun stuff, my tongue, I noticed last night, is now covered with a white slimey coating.  I have become completely inured to the taste, although when it began it was absolutely awful.  From what I've read, when the tongue clears up, the breath smells sweet and the eyes begin to shine... That's a signal that the fast is ready to end.

   Ok, some more fun stuff... not so gross.  I was reading about how some other inexperienced fasters had broken their fasts...  Some REALLY bad food choices.  One woman and her daughter chose to break it with chocolate bars... they had to fast AGAIN before they could eat.

Another guy decided to have a huge steak dinner with all the fixings... he was hospitalized.

Ditto to the guy who broke it eating potatoes.

And for the diabetic who managed to do a long term fast... Well... he died real healthy after breaking his fast with some dates.

SO here's how you break your fast.  CAREFULLY!!!  You do NOT binge.  If that's all you want to do, don't bother fasting.  Just stick with your drugs, your better off.

Break it with fruits... and very little as possible.  For a fast of 14 days, I would suggest 4oz of Apples every 2 hours for the first day.  8oz the second, 12 oz the third, and then on the 4th a lunch of salad and fruits, breakfast and supper of fruits only, ditto on the 5th with perhaps larger proportions.  You WILL be ravenous, but do NOT give into the feeling.

After a week, you should be able to resume normal eating, but as always be careful.  You don't want to end up the hospital or on your bed in agony.  If you take your time while breaking the fast, you can reap all the benefits your sacrifice and patience has bought you.

Cadmanz... Still persevering.

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