Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 7 of fast

WT: 187

   SO... Last night was absolutely wretched.  On a scale of 1-10 for migraines last night was almost an 11.  I felt like my friggin eyeballs were going to fly out of my sockets, but I did learn several coping techniques... In case you're interested;

Peppermint on areas of tension,
Headband with Loonies on both temples... TIGHT,
Ice packs behind neck and on forehead,
Sleeping with no pillow

Mind you I'm still not having a solid night's sleep, which is really frustrating.  I hate waking up every two hours.  I hope this isn't the norm for the entire duration of the fast.  From Herbert Shelton's book he said the fasts are generally pleasant and memorable experiences.... I can't wait to get to THAT point.  So far, I'm still detoxing and I hate hate hate this stage.

A friend theorizes that it's because of all the perservatives we eat... Which would NOT surprise me in the least. Mass production is a wonderful thing, but I wonder if we're killing ourselves while we do that? :P

Anywhoo, I remember doing an 11 day fast when I was 25 and I do NOT remember dealing with all this crap... mind you, I didn't have the frequent migraines that I do now, nor did I take ANY drugs back then... And... well... I was 25... If I had a hangover it was gone in 3 hours.

In any case, most reports I've read has it that the real fun starts around day 10... And day 14 the ketoacids transition easily between the brain blood barrier increasing focus, clarity and mental concentration.  And finally at Day 21, it's been reported that people tend to become more zen and more spiritual at that point... more self aware.  Interesting...

Either way, I'm not trying to cause a revolution, I just want to wind the clock back a bit... get healthier, be able to do stomach crunches without a frigging gut, and sure - it would be nice to prove to some of the people who think I'm nuts to think fasting has any value... that it actually DOES.

So - day 7!  Yay!

Cadmanz... Persevering...

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