Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 3 of Fast

Wt: 195lbs
BP: Unknown

   Day 3, the last day that most people have any glucogen in their system.  Thank God.  My heart and my pulse feels like it's quieted down.  My head hurts alot less.  I slept pretty well last night, only waking up periodically to drink some water.  It turns out, I can now sleep without a second pillow under my head.  I have very mild sleep apnea, but with only one pillow, it's guaranteed to act up.  So I always prop my head up.

   It's terrible on my neck, but it's the only way I can get any sleep.  Fortunately, this fast, so far, has allowed me to be rid of that.

   Today is mainly being spent at home, relaxing, and enjoying my family and not doing much of anything.  I don't want my heart to work too hard, and I want my system to rest up.  The work week and fasting is hard enough.

   I also found a yahoo group all about fasting.  Which is great for me, there's even a few doctors who drop in there from time to time.  It's hard to find others who are trying this...

  Oh - I'm also spending most of the day being deaf.  My implant is turned off, it seems to help keep the headache away as well, which oddly seems to feel like it's inside both of my ears pounding away last night. :P  Not fun.

Cadmanz... be back later.

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