Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 11 of Fast - Breakfast

Wt: 181.5

   Sorry people, I just couldn't make it to 21 days this time.  The thought of going to work for a week feeling like I was hungover and nauseous just didn't appeal to me... and 10 days of being an invalid was getting me ready to climb the walls.  I broke my fast this morning with 3/4 of an Apple.

   So far so good, no discomfort from reintroducing food into my system.  Although the apple DID taste divine. It'll be about 5 days before I can resume normal eating quantities.  I truly hope this has helped lower my blood pressure, and if not completely rid me of migraines - curtail them at least.

    Interesting facts; When we take drugs, illegal or otherwise, and have other harmful substances introduced to our bodies, whatever the body can't elliminate, it turns into fat cells.  SO, when we fast, those substances are again reintroduced into our blood stream.  This has been proven, when researches drew blood from fasting patients and discovered traces of drugs in their blood stream.

    The people who are going to have the easiest time fasting are those who are athletic and those who have taken good care of their health and have used drugs sparingly.  Little wonder I had a week of fierce headaches.  I obviously haven't completely detoxing.  It's not finished until the tongue clears up, and other changes happen outwardly to the body.

    I WILL try again, definitely not so close to christmas, and hopefully be in much better shape when I do.  I plan on increasing my vegetable intake, and working out alot more.  Maybe I can burn away some of those poisonous fat cells.

Cadmanz... Climbing the walls

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