Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 10 of Fast

WT: 183lbs

 HALLELUJAH!!!  Last night was the first night since this fast started that I haven't had a headache all night.  I think THAT part is done.

   On the other hand, all day today I've been feeling a big nauseous... as though I was binging on wine or port last night.  Not the greatest feeling in the world.   Oh well.  I'm heading into the home stretch.  Just a little longer and I'll break the fast.  Hopefully every day that I continue brings me closer to better health.

   Although I am really getting bored of not being able to do much, and the lousy lousy taste in my mouth is really getting old.  I'm looking forward to Christmas and making up for all of this downtime and stuff by getting out and having some fun.

  Not much else to report here.. spent the day at home watching TV and hanging out with my little girl.

Cadmanz...Almost... almost...

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