Thursday, February 24, 2011

Almost the end of the unemployment era

It's almost 3 o clock, and I'm kicking back in Starbucks across the street from Metafore where I just had an interview.

It went really well, thanks to my friend Kenneth who got me in the door.  I had a really nice visit with the recruiter.  This is the first time in my life I've ever felt passionate about working in any industry.  Like I said before, drafting was never anything I really loved now that I'm looking into getting into IT, and really really trying my damnedest to, I'm excited about it.  Hopeful too.

Kimberly, the recruiter, and I talked for nearly half an hour.  I think it went really well, especially as she says the next thing she's doing this afternoon is calling some job sites and seeing if she can place me right away.  She's going to call me back tomorrow and let me know how it goes.

I'm torn though.  The baby comes along in 5 weeks, and my wife can't take mat leave until July.  If she gives me a job tomorrow, do I take it and end my EI?  Even if I can only work full time for 5 weeks, and once the baby comes; stay at home for nearly 3 months before my wife can take mat leave?

I guess I'll wait and see what happens tomorrow when she calls.  Worse comes to worse, I'll have to tell her I can't effectively work until July.  We certainly can't live without the added income for 3 months.

This is all what's going through my mind right now... while I'm very excited that the interview was so positive.  It looks like I may no longer be getting up and staying home every day.  That, in a way, is a relief.  I've enjoyed the time off from work, no question, although it's been less of a vacation, and more of an internment of studying and house errands.  In fact, except for Christmas break, I've barely gamed at all.

It's a good thing though, I've spent more of the last several months involved with people and life than I have in years.  Thank God.  It's nice to know that not everyone in life is out to suck me into a cult, or treat me like the office idiot.  The impression I got from Stantec. :P

And yes, the baby is 5 weeks away.  We've pretty much gotten everything we need in preparation for her.  I've even set up a web cam in the baby room that we'll be training on the crib so our out of town family can see the baby.  And so can I, if I'm in another room.  Who needs baby monitors?  My laptop IS a baby monitor!

 I'm almost finished studying for my A+, theres not many pages left.  Tomorrow I'll probably look into booking the exam, I definitely want the certification well before the baby comes, and hopefully before I'm actually working.

Aside from work, study, and the baby, I've been helping out on the rehearsals for Joseph's technicolor coat.  As always there's drama, and situations.  But it's fun, 7 weeks to go before they perform!  And there's alot to squeeze in those 7 weeks!

Anyways, another half hour before I head out to go get the wife from work.  I think I'm going to get a little bit of studying in before that.

Keep in touch, I'll write more soon!