Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 4 of Fast

Wt: 194lbs
BP: Unknown

    Last night was absolutely wretched.  I slept waking up every 2 hours, needing to drink and sometimes use the bathroom.  My head was absolutely pounding, but felt better when I elevated it with a second pillow.  Go figure.

   All the glucogen should be completely gone from my body now.  I feel alot weaker, needing to catch my breath just walking up the stairs.  My wife told me to go brush my teeth ASAP cuz it smelt like boiled eggs. LOL  I guess my body really is detoxifying now.

   Got a wee headache this morning, so I'm still running deaf.  Gonna camp on the couch and watch TV.  I'm more worried about how it's going to go tomorrow.  I gotta go back to work and I can't really just lie on a couch to do my job.  :P  Unfortunately, I can't really take time off either.  I'm looking forward to when the friggin' "detox" part of this is over... It's getting old. :P

   Oh and I had alot of food dreams last night.  LOL  I would dream that I ate something, and then run to the bathroom to spit it out because I'm fasting.  It's kind of like when you quit smoking, for the first while, you keep having smoking dreams and then feel ashamed you're smoking and put the cigarette out.

  In fact, quitting smoking is alot like fasting...  It's just as hard, believe me.  So if you ever quit smoking, you CAN fast.  And another thing... Once when I was a smoker, I did a fast... on day 2 I was craving a cigarette SO bad...  Well, lets just say, after that, cigarettes didn't appeal so much anymore and I stayed away for nearly a year after that.  The memory of how SICK I felt after I smoked...

  So if you ever want to try quitting smoking... go for a fast. LOL Two birds with one stone, and it's pretty effective at getting ALL the nicotine out of your system, DAMN fast.  I kid you not.

   Anyways, if I get around to checking BP today, not sure if I will, I'll post it later.  It's probably still in the 140s or 150s... Until this detox and headache goes away, I don't think it's really going to drop.  My neck is totally throbbing and my eyes hurt when I see sunlight.  I've turned into a vampire and gone into the dark of my basement.

    Catching up on alot of shows and comics though... I'd game, but with the way my head feels, I just don't feel like doing anything that takes any real mental work... which is why I'm not looking forward to tomorrow if I'm still pushing out toxins.

   Why do they have to go out through my bloody head anyways?  I think I'd rather have diarrhea than migraines. :P

Cadmanz - Keeping keeping on...

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