Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sympathy for Judas

My whole life I've looked at Judas and pitied him.

I mean, can you imagine a more hopeless human being?  One who was foreordained to betray Jesus.  Who was instrumental in the operation of Calvary, and according to the Christian religion is eternally doomed.

 Not so.

 Understanding the Salvation of All, has stretched wide the bonds of God's grace.  Not even the worst of Sinners, or the most heinous ones in history will stand outside the boundaries of God's grace.  You can think of Hitler, Genghis Khan, and even Paul the apostle who murdered, killed and ravaged people.

  Even Satan, will at the end of all things, discover how munificent the grace of God is.  Infinite seems such a insufficient word to describe it.

  Please read this PDF that I'm leaving a link to;

  The case of Judas Iscariot is one that so eloquently states the hypocrisy and the inconsistency of Christianity, and lays wide open the beautiful heart of God as demonstrated in Christ Jesus our savior.


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