Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Packing... and more packing...

Got more packing done last night.  Finally bottled my wine kit much earlier than I typically do.  Unfortunately with the move, I'm not going to move a 25L carboy full of wine.  If that thing cracked it would be a freaking mess and a horrible waste.  So I bottled my wine and packed up all my wine making gear.

  That took a couple hours.  But slowly and surely the basement is starting to clear up.  Tonight I expect to be finishing the roof with my friend and then the rest of this week's free time will be spent cleaning and packing more of my stuff.

  I think if I had known how much work it would take to do this move; I would've changed my mind. :P  Oh well, we've come this far now, we'll go the rest of the way.

Come Let us Dine together

  I'm shooting from the hip a bit here.  I'm definitely open for dialogue on this.  I've thought about communion for years.  It's become such a tradition for Christians to spend 5 minutes in somber thought as they hold a cracker and a cup of grape juice and meditate on Jesus' suffering on the cross.

   I remember at a young age trying to meditate on this so seriously that I could feel a profound sense of grief.  Unfortunately, as the years passed I became increasingly jaded to the cross and communion became just a necessary ritual to the faith.

  After I left the Church I re-examined every belief and tradition we observe, I continue to do so.  Communion was one I used to stumble over.  I'm not going to have time today to go over everything.  I'll write more on this tomorrow, but here's my take on communion.

  I believe what the Bible really meant in regards to this was for believers to come together.  To spend time in fellowship, having a meal together.  Experiencing the Body of Christ as called out believers together.  Not as though we were dining on the flesh and blood of Christ, but as though we were a living breathing organism that makes up the parts of Christ's body.

  That is what communion really means.  Not this sombre thoughtless tradition that innures you to the life of Christ as the years roll by.  The more I grow to understand traditions and where they come from and what they do, the greater I despise them.  Seeing how they harden hearts to God by simple process of repetition.

   They become so driven into our faith and become such a part of our culture that we have relegated Christ Jesus to being just white noise in our lives.  We never have a living and vital faith, because we've never questioned, studied, and wrestled with our understanding of God, Jesus, the Bible and what our purpose is.

  In the end, Christians tend to worship an idol, rather than the living God.  I don't know what's more tragic than that.  Really I dont...

   Anyways, tomorrow I'll delve into scriptures on communion and we'll find out what the Bible has to say on this.

Love and peace to you all,


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