Monday, July 22, 2013


Life has suddenly gotten very busy and very chaotic.  It's funny how quickly life can change on a dime.  We're in the process of getting our house ready for sale.  I'd like to have it ready by next week, but Jana wants a bit more time than that... we'll see how it goes.

  After discovering that realtors take a HUGE chunk in commission, we're going to try and sell on our own.  I'm loathe to give up any of my equity, especially $14,000 to realtors.  We especially need the money for our next place.

  So, yesterday, I pulled a ton of stuff out of storage.  I'm trying to convince my wife that right now we just need to declutter and get the house in selling shape.  Who gives a shit about what's in storage just pack what we don't need and get it shoved away until moving time.

  My dad came down this weekend and put a beautiful gate up for the entryway of our property.  He even did a ton of work on the yard and the place looks gorgeous now.  Hell, I almost don't want to move now.

  So - lots going on.

  I've been reading this book called "The Great Omission" I had bought it because it sounded like a good book.  It touted itself as a book on Biblical Marriage and what Christianity has omitted from marriage.

  To my surprise it was about Polygamy.

  Yes, scandalous, awful, terrible stuff.  I had never considered what the Bible had to say on the practice of polygamy.  Ever since I've read it though, there have been conversations the have come up, not imitated by me, regarding the subject of polygamy.  After having read this though, I can certainly see it's merits.

  In a world where the female population is higher than the male.  Men on average die sooner than women, then there are some percentage of the male population who are gay, and then others who are completely unsuited to marriage due to mental illness or complete incapability of caring for someone other than themselves (hells angel biker dudes?  I dunno.)

   Suddenly it becomes very obvious that if you're going to be a good "Christian" woman, you stand a very good chance of dying a spinster.  Lessee, no sex before marriage, has to be a Christian dude, and never married before....

  You're looking for a unicorn sister.  And you stand a VERY good chance of dying before ever finding him.  I know that sounds harsh but lets be honest here.  Many of the Christianized ideas of dating and marriage are completely catholic fables.

  However in a polygamous society, men would not have to divorce their wives in order to marry another woman (provided she approves of her).  Fewer children would grow up without fathers.  And for the women, they would have a co-worker in the chores of the home.  A companion for them in every activity.  Even more than that - when the husband passes, they are not alone in their grief.

  Anyways, it's a fascinating study, there is much in the Bible that is PRO-polygamy.  In fact, there is no prohibition anywhere in the NT or the OT regarding polygamy.  There are even passages referring to God as being a polygamous husband.

  Isn't that amazing?

  Yes, I realize there are cults centered around polygamy but that is an aberration for polygamy.  84% of the world's population practices polygamy.  African tribes, Muslim nations, Hindu nations, and other cultures consider polygamy normal.  It is the westernized, countries where "Christianity" is the norm, that monogamy is practiced.  And that - perhaps to the detriment of a good many people.

  It is something worth studying and learning about.  Particularly in America where open marriages are becoming more common-place.  And, honestly, is America all that different from those polygamous nations?  A good chunk of America already practices a form of polygamy.  They take one wife, divorce her and then take another wife, get tired of her and divorce her... and so on down the line.  Sequential Polygamy is what it's called.  Why not take care of all those wives, and their children at once?

  Oh that's right... The church calls it a sin.  SO much better to put those wives and their children out on their own and move onto the next girl.

  That's what good christians do.


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