Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Every Man's Bullshit

Good morning!

  So all weekend long I fought brutal migraines.  Like godzilla stomping around in my head sized migraines.  By monday morning it was starting to go down but I was completely exhausted.  I slept alot and, well, I didn't get a chance to blog.

  I was still tired most of the day.  In some ways, fighting a migraine is like getting into a ring with a boxer and you keep getting KO'd... Well, that was me.  Even today I'm still a little dizzy and discombobulated.

  So I haven't really done much reading.  I have had a few discussions on Facebook.  Listened to some podcasts, and read a really frakking FANTASTIC newsletter by Martin Zender.

   About a decade ago a friend of mine sent me this book "Every Man's Battle" which, at the time, seemed inspired by God.  Looking back, I realize it was just another link in a chain of bondage that was being placed around men.
Everyman's bullshit

  Good god, men are so emasculated in Churches today.  They've become like those little puppies that you see elderly folks getting, and dressing them up.  They're great lapdogs, but they're definitely not Lassie, Scooby, or any MANLY type dog.  Good for putting on your lap, and shitting in your garden but not good for much else.
Today's Churchified man

  These bullshit books cranked out by Christianity telling men to become these asexual, tame beings is just so perverse.  Guess what folks?  God made the sexes.  God made SEX.  Yes, God made Penises and Vaginas and even MASTURBATION.

  Ok, I'll wait a minute while you calm down and fan yourself into composure.


So seriously.  This book teaches men to stop watching R rated movies, "bounce" your eyes away from that lustful look receptionist with the low top there.  And good god, we can't even get a copy of Maxim anymore or we might roast in hell and spurn our wives because of it.


Anyways, the newsletter Martin wrote was awesome, I can't say enough about it, it really does break down the bullshit.  You can find it here;


It's well worth reading.  He's even coming out with a book on the subject, which I can't wait to see.

  I've also order more books of Martin's as well as Clyde's from www.studyshelf.com and am looking forward to their imminent arrival.

  Anyways, god bless, have a fantastic week.  I'll be back tomorrow with more to chew on.


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