Monday, August 19, 2013

Doing Awesome

Well that was a great weekend!

 I got to hang out with my daughter on Saturday afternoon while Jana showed the house to some people.  We had spent the morning cleaning the inside and the outside of the house to get ready for a busy weekend.  Then afterwards, I took my daughter and went across town in search of a Vietnamese sub.

  Got back home just in time to see my wife a little bit before she went off to work.  Cassidy has started to calm down and listen a little better now.  She's still experiencing growing pains so she gets emotional sometimes.  We had a blast playing outside in the sprinkler.

   Her favorite word lately seems to be poop.  She loves pointing out dog poop in the back yard for me to pick up, and alerting me to the fact the cat has pooped in it's litter box and I have to clean it out.  For some reason she enjoys watching me clean up poop.



  And yesterday we had a terrific turn out of people coming to see our open house.  I'm really hoping that we get an offer soon.  It would be great to get onto the MOVING stage of things.

  In the meantime, I had a friend come over last night and catch us up on things going on in her life.  We had a good discussion on the subject of Eldership and what Paul teaches on it.  I'm studying it and trying to make sense of it.  If I find something good, I will definitely post on this.

  At the moment, I have a great deal of reading and studying to do on my Bible.  I will definitely get to posting more insights as soon as I have something cohesive and interesting to write.

  Be well, and I hope you had a fantastic weekend yourself!


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