Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A bit of Internet Advice...

Morning folks,

   A little tired lately.  So far no bites on the house but as my wife points out, it hasn't been on the market that long.

  I've been busy trying to fix a relative's computer.  Word to the wise, if you have Norton Antivirus or any of the Norton Antivirus products... ditch em.  They're as useless as a fart in a windstorm.  Every single person I've dealt with who's had malware or virus issues typically has Norton on their computer.  Not saying that Norton is the CAUSE of their virus, but it certainly hasn't prevented them.

   The average user who installs Norton on their computer goes out balls to the wall on the internet downloading and clicking on just about anything that grabs their attention and thinks that "Well I've got Norton on my computer, so I should be safe"

  Not true.  OMG It pisses me off how much this happens.

  So, if you're one of those people, get rid of Norton and go and download Microsoft Security Essentials.  It's FREE and works far better than Norton.

  And while you're at it, this is what I use for preventing viruses and malware on my computer as well;

Spybot Search and Destroy,
EmsiSoft's Anti-Malware,
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,

  If you're using those, you'll be fairly well protected.

  Of course, you CAN'T protect stupid so... learn to be catious on what you click on.  If it's enticing and sounds too good to be true (Hint: The chick on the flashy ad there promising to bang you tonight if you click on her, MIGHT not really be on the up and up.) (Another Hint: That email you just got promises you a blow job and $500,000 tonight if you buy their fantastic new antivirus software, is PROBABLY not on the up and up)(Final Hint: That email from a Nigerian Princess promising you a 1,001 hot nights of sex and a free plane ticket to her country with a Million dollars, if you just help her contact her aunt who works for the Royal Bank of Canada and needs your pin number... Is definitely not on the up and up)

  So folks, please... play it safe on the internet and that goes for real life too.  Don't click on things you shouldn't click on.

Travis Penner

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