Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Monday

Well, the open house was a bit of a bust.  The weather has been extremely nice this weekend and even at the malls, traffic was low.  Alot of people are out camping and enjoying the outdoors I imagine.  We did have one person come by and tour the house.  We'll try again next weekend for an Open House.  Hopefully we'll have more people come out this week... We'll just wait and see.

   I'm taking a bit of a break on writing about theology as I need to spend some more time reading my Bible.  I have lots of thoughts and lots to say, but I don't want to just be talking out of my ass.

  Anyways, today I have a migraine so I imagine there's some rough weather brewing.  In addition to that, my daughter wore me out yesterday.  I'm not sure if she's sick or what but she was off the wall crazy and not listening at all too well.  Jana says she's pale today and possibly sick.  Poor kid.

Poor parents.


Anyways, I hope you all are well.  I'm just going to take it easy with this migraine.


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