Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Thoughts

  Hi Everyone,

  I don't think I said enough about the doctrine of Free Will yesterday.  In spite of my migraine I wanted to post this quickly this weekend.  For those of you who are struggling to reconcile the thought that God is in absolute control of every detail of our life and our faith I want to encourage you to read more about this.  There is only so much I can say in my 15 minute coffee time vignettes on here.  Let me point you towards others who are also very competent to teach and cut the scriptures correctly. (2 Tim 2:15)

  On Amazon Kindle marketplace look up Martin Zender's book "The Really Bad Thing About Free Will" this is available as a hard copy or a kindle download that you can read on your tablet or phone.

  Also, for those of you who are really interested in understanding the word of God in a clear edition that is translated consistently from the greek; I encourage you to go to and buy your own copy of the Concordant Literal New Testament.

  One last resource I would encourage everyone to go check out; there are plenty of great resources to be found here as well.

  Have a great weekend and enjoy the grace of God!

Travis Penner

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