Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday morning Rant

  Thank God it's Friday.  I've been tired nearly every day this week.  I'm so glad tomorrow I'll get a chance to sleep in.  A friend of mine suggested I should check my vitamin B12 levels.  Maybe I'll get around to that...

  Anyways.  Just some thoughts I've had zipping around in my head lately.

Friday Morning Rants

A friend recently said to me, "Travis, you seem so angry and have so much hatred for Christianity."

I laughed.  I'm not really that angry at Christianity.  Yes, I hate it.  Much like any disease that kills family and friends.  I'm only so angry as you can possibly get towards a disease.

That may seem harsh to some, but lets put it this way.  How can you appreciate something that lies to everyone it reaches?  Do you like liars?  I can't stand them.  You never know what the reality is.  We usually call liars different things like, Con men, Cheaters, Politicians etc.  Does it really matter how many sick kids and charities and other philanthrophy is done if the liar is still a liar?

How many of you would stay in a marriage relationship with a consumate liar?  Lying destroys trust.  In a marriage, lying can foster a feeling of insanity in the spouse that is being lied to.

So why would you put your faith in an organization that is dedicated to lying to you?

I was in a Church that professed "We believe only in what the Bible tells us.  When the bible is silent, we are silent.  When it speaks, we speak."

That only lasted until you got baptised and then the leadership had a firm hold of you.  Once that happened, the Bible was silent 90% of the time and it was the voice of the leadership and it's demands that took priority in your life.

In Christianity, creed, tradition and the voice of those "over you in the Lord" take precedence over the Bible.

In the Body of Christ, even those younger than you are free to call you into account if you are mishandling the word of God.

In Christianity, it is the voice of the Church fathers that is our guiding light.

In the Body of Christ, it is Paul's Gospel and Christ Jesus who is the lighthouse and anchor we steer by.

Do you not realize how deadly the lies are?

Hell -- Fosters fear of impending doom in this life.  It creates confusion at best.  Deadly mental anguish and possible insanity at worse.  And no - that's not a figure of speech.  People have gone clinically insane for fear of hell.

Trinity -- Is there anything more ridiculous than a schizophrenic god?  If you can swallow this bullshit line from the council of Nicae you can swallow anything the Church feeds you then.  The BIble is extremely clear on this.  If you believe in the Trinity you might as well beleive, black is white, up is down, the Bible is only a "guide post" and your feelings are more important.  You might as well join some Charismatic church as I hear they've got a policy of checking your bible in at the door before you roll in the aisles and chant worship songs.

Just read 

2 Corinthians 1:3 
3 Blessed is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of pities and God of all consolation,

Does it get any more simple than this?

Free Will -- Is there anything more prideful and doomed than this false doctrine of free will?  No where in the BIble is there any mention of a free will, in fact it extensively teaches that GOD is in control of all things.  And takes exceeding pains to show how powerless man is.  In fact, if you spend a lifetime beleiving in the strength of your own will - you will be the most stressed out, unhappy and miserable person the world has ever met.  Once you embrace God's control - there is no end to the joy and comfort you will find in that.


I'm not a Christian.  I haven't been a Christian for years, and if antyhing I'm more opposed to Christianity than I ever was before.  How can I say that?  "Don't you follow Christ Travis?  That makes you a Christian!"

No it doesn't.  All of my doctrine is directly opposed to Christianity.  Theirs is a perverse mixture of Peter's Gospel and Paul's Gospel.  Paul called it "a gospel that is really no gospel at all" and even went so far as to say "They are men who love injustice", injustice being the doctrine of hell.

And THE most significant difference between Christianity and the faith that I profess is this; I believe Christ's faith saves me.

They believe their own faith saves them.

Christianity teaches that Jesus died for every sin except one - unbelief.  In essence, Jesus death wasn't good enough.  You have to make up for what was lacking.  What a horrible lie.

Some of you will understand this, and if you do, praise God!

The rest will most likely scratch their head and have no clue what that means.  

I hope one day you do.  I really do. 

God bless, and a great weekend to you all!

Travis Penner

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