Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mystery of Marriage

What a weekend.  My migraine didn't go away until Sunday night sometime.  Unfortunately my daughter managed to catch a fever.  I've never seen her so tired, or unwilling to eat or play at all.  She just wanted to lie down, and if you moved her or disturbed her she would start crying.

   Poor little pudding.  I did manage to spoil my wife a little for mother's day.  I made a her a nice breakfast and we attempted to go for a nice picnic in Bragg Creek.  Good god that place was mobbed.  I've never seen so many people in that area.  It looks like the place isn't as secret as I once thought it was.  What a shame.

   It was hot, around 30 degrees, and Cassidy was really starting to make it obvious she wasn't feeling good at all.  So we quickly ate our picnic and drove back into town.  The rest of our evening last night was spent in the basement watching a little TV and taking care of our little sick girl.

  I DID get to see Iron Man 3 on Friday.  That was alot of fun.  I particularly liked the trailer for Superman.  There's this moment where Superman squatted and seems to be summoning up all this power and then takes off in flight.  And it hit me... When Jesus snatches his ecclesia home, that will be very much what we become.  With bodies transformed to be able to handle the vagaries of space...  We'll be more super than Superman EVER was.  Now that's just TOO cool.

Understanding the Church

While I despise institutional religion, I absolutely love the beauty of Christ's body.  There is a harmony to it that sings throughout the Bible.  To truly understand it though, we have to go all the way back to the beginning.

Genesis 2:21 Then Yahweh Elohim caused a stupor to fall on the human. While he was sleeping, he took one of his angular organs and closed up the flesh over it's place. (CLNT)

  Most translations refer to it as the rib, which is not an accurate translation for the part God removed.  The hebrew word used here is tsa-la which means side, corner, chamber.  If we put that together, it was an angular hollow object that God removed from the man.

Genesis 2:22 Yahweh Elohim built the angular organ that He had taken from human into a woman and brought her to the human. (CLNT)

  So what was this organ that was taken from the man?  Quite possibly it was the Uterus.  Up until the woman came on the scene, he was the only progeny for the human race.  It was quite likely he was asexual, having both organs and able to procreate successfully on his own.

  Once God separated the sexual organs and created the distinction between Man and Woman, suddenly some things become very clear.  God pronounces;

Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man shall forsake his father and his mother; he will cling to his wife, and both of them will be one flesh. (CLNT)

  Get it?  This is why men pursue women.  This is why marriages are made and why children are created in this way.  It's a divine construction creating out of ONE - TWO.

  I'm going back this far, to illustrate some very profound truths about the Church, which I will have to go into tomorrow as I've completely run out of time.

Travis Penner