Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Morning Rant

  So - last night I got out with... we'll call her Glinda.  No need to use real names here ;)

  Anyways, we, the family, go out with Glinda, who happens to be a horrible backseat driver by the way.  Horrible.  Terrible.  Bad enough I want to be James Bond and hit an eject button and toss her out by the time we get to Smitty's.

   Anyways - so we get there and we have a nice conversation, catching up on family and stuff.  She lights up on the horrible moral standards of our society and how men and women shouldn't have sex before marriage.

  At this I roll my eyes.  Yes, I know, it's ideal not to have sex before marriage so that children can have a home to be raised in.  But if you've looked around at our world today - just WHAT about it is ideal?

  I quickly maneuvered the subject past that before I lit on my dear elderly grandmother (oops!) and shared just my thoughts on this wonderful topic of judeo-Christian morality.  God what an oxymoron.  Like, are you completely confused?  Are you a jew?  Are you a gentile?  Are you a Christian?  Just what in the blue blazes are you if you have "Judeo-Christian morality?"  Who the hell came up with such a backassward term?

  My Aunt and Uncle came and stayed with us once a few months back and they spent 30 mins lighting on the topic of the decay of our nation's morality and how it was the duty of Christians to help keep our nation's moral fiber.  Yes, it's like eating an apple a day, if you keep feeding that shit down the nation's throat, somehow they'll get enough fiber and be able to past this horibble constipation of immorality and have a good dump and we'll all be good little christian boys and girls again.

  Yeah right.  Here's the problem witht hat.

  In the beginning there was only ONE FRAKKING RULE.  Do not touch the fruit of that tree Adam!

  Human beings couldn't even keep one damn rule!!!

  Fast forward to Moses.  He brings down 10 commandments (and later a couple hundred others) and no one could keep THOSE rules perfectly!! We STILL can't!!!

   In come Jesus a couple thousand years later.  You know what rule he gives?

  #1 Love God

  #2 Love people

  And good GOD we can't even keep THOSE TWO SIMPLE and should be completely natural rules to keep.  But we don't!!!

  And these self-righteous christians want everyone to keep these "judeo-Christian" rules while being completely confused about what it is to be a judeo-christian.  

   Here's the problem;

  Romans 7:8 But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting. For apart from the law, sin was dead. (NIV)

Quoted from the NIV because the CLNT uses a little bit more difficult english. But it also says;

8 Now Sin, getting an incentive through the precept, produces in me all manner of coveting. For apart from law Sin is dead. (CLNT)

Get it?  As soon as the law is introduced, sin comes in!!  As soon as you give ANYONE a rule, they want to break it!  There's a reason the old cliche goes;

"Rules are meant to be broken"

Never a more true saying was known!  We need more o' that judeo-christian morality like the Titanic needed a couple more icebergs.

Christians always talk about being the "light of the world" and quoting Matthew 5:13-16 think Jesus is talking about injecting that good old moral fiber into this world.

Are you kidding?  How about rethinking this in the light of Jesus first two commandments?  How about thinking that light=love?

Those horrible gays, what are we gonna do about them?  That foolish sex crazed pornographer, he's going to hell.  Oh and those nasty drug addicts and prostitutes.  They're all headed for hellfire!!

Shows how damn loving you folks are.  Yes indeedy. damn loving indeed. If you were anything like the Lord you claim to follow, you would use alot more grace and a lot less damnation.  Who have you ever changed with your contempt and hatred?

Consider this instead;

1 Peter 4:8 8 before all, having earnest love among yourselves, for love is covering a multitude of sins.

Oh WOW!  Love covers over a multitude of sins!  We can try that!!  Go hug the closest sinner you can find.

Romans 5:20 Yet where sin increases, grace superexceeds

And lastly... remember... Where sin increases! grace superexceeds!!!

God Blesss, thanks for listening to my rant.

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