Thursday, September 5, 2013

What a day...

  It's been a bit of an exhausting day today.

  This morning my wife let me know the appraisal came in somewhat under our asking price.  Nearly so low that we would end up owing the bank if we sold at that price.  We obviously refused that offer.  Fortunately, the buyer himself was not at all happy with what his mortgage lender was doing to sabotage our deal.  The mortgage broker had indeed been quite difficult to deal with the entire time we've had with working out this sale.

  He ended up offering extra money on top of the mortgage to seal the deal.  It was at that point we realized, we either take this deal and move to Vancouver.  Or deal with the headache of going on the market again and possibly playing the same game with someone else.

  After getting advice from many different people, including professionals.  We concluded we should take the proffered deal.

  SO.  We ARE now moving on the 19th for sure.  As far as I can tell, it's done, closed, finis.  Time to move on.

  On the downside it might mean we will be living with the inlaws longer than we originally intended.  Perhaps, God has a good reason for this delay.  In this, I will trust him, as always.

  So, a bit down and disappointed about that, I had to pick up my spirits and attempt to sell myself on a phone interview in Vancouver for a job.  I did my best, but it was a little difficult as I am sure I was on speaker phone.  Their voice was muffled and it was extremely difficult to hear.  Fortunately it looks like I will get a second, in person, interview when I get out there.  Crossing fingers and hoping.

  I got home, and rather than take my normal time of rest.  I spent lunch with my wife and daughter which consisted of getting a few bites, scanning our 5th damn adendum for this house sale, get a few more bites, correct it, and scan it again and email.  And on top of this, as soon as I walked in the door I dared to look at a tax bill from the CRA.

  It was not a pretty tax bill.

  So both Jana and I are a bit emotional from being on tenterhooks for the last few days.  Poor Cassidy can sense the tension and got a little emotional, for which we finally put her down for a nap before I left and Jana and I agreed... we need to relax and chill.

   Fortunately after re-examining the assesment and my tax filing, it seems everything is ok.  It's not as dire as I first thought.

  Siiigh.  Well, I'm ready for Saturday, I want to go out with my friends for our farewell party.  I need a few beers and some fun.  How about you?


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