Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Down to the wire...

Well... Today is the day we find out if we're moving in 3 weeks or not.  The house sale conditions must be closed today or we go back on the market.  I have a strong feeling though, it will.

At the moment, I don't have anything poignant thoughts to share, as all our thoughts and actions are towards getting ready to move.  Giving my notice and all the things that must be done in as little as 15 days before the moving truck is out front.

Of course, lately on Facebook there has been tons of political flack that has been going around.  Syria, Harper, and etc. etc.

People are getting so worked up lately.  And yet.  I keep thinking about the composure of Jesus, as I have mentioned before.  Even the composure of Daniel, and his friends when they were all faced with political situations and men in power.

In every case, their attitude was this;

John 19:11..."No authority have you against Me in anything, except it were given to you from above..."

And that is the thrust of it.  There is nothing I can do against those in authority when God has given them the power to do so.  Only when they overstep their bounds and impose their will against God and my worship of Him can I stand in opposition.  Even THEN, I do it with all respect and humility.  As displayed countless times through history as recorded by the Bible.

It's not that I don't care about the wars, and all the evils that go on throughout the earth.  It's precisely because I DO care, I know that God ultimately is inflicting this evil on the world for the short term pains that will provide long term benefits for ALL of us.  And ALL creation.

Reminding ourselves that "ALL is of God" allows the spirit to be at peace; HE is in charge, and HE always does good work... Even if it means I don't get to move to Vancouver this month.

His will is always the better choice.


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