Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Religion and the Shame Game

  Well, it looks like the house deal is going to go through.  However they've asked to extend the closing date two more days to allow an appraisal to be done on our house.  Fun fun. :P

  In the meantime, we're proceeding as though the sale WILL go through and moving on the 19th.  This Saturday night we're getting together with friends in a farewell party.  If you're interested in coming, message me and I'll give you details.

  I've handed in my resignation today and... well.. It's in God's hands now.

Religion's Shame Game

  So, last night I was checking out this blog that someone had posted online and asked for an opinion on.  I read it, and in the beginning the tone sounded quite reasonable and I could find nothing wrong with it.

  At least not until she started shaming the girls and talking about purity.

  So - let's talk about purity.

  Typically most religious folks point to 1 Timothy 4:12 when they talk about purity so here it is;

12 Let no one be despising your youth, but become a model for the believers, in word, in behavior, in love, in faith, in purity.

Yet if you read in context the entire chapter, Paul isn't talking about "sexual purity" he's talking about doctrinal purity.  He even describes the impure in 1 Timothy 4:1-5

1 Now the spirit is saying explicitly, that in subsequent eras some will be withdrawing from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and the teachings of demons,
2 in the hypocrisy of false expressions, their own conscience having been cauterized;
3 forbidding to marry, abstaining from foods, which God creates to be partaken of with thanksgiving by those who believe and realize the truth,
4 seeing that every creature of God is ideal and nothing is to be cast away, being taken with thanksgiving,
5 for it is hallowed through the word of God and pleading.

  Look at that, all that and NOT one word of sex.  In fact, you would be surprised to read through all of Paul's epistles and you will discover he only touches on the topic of sexuality a few times in comparison to the topic of false teaching.  It's obvious which is of far more concern to Paul.

  So let's stop listening to the crap that mainstream religion is teaching us.  Arterburn's books, and all those "Men of God" movements.  They have lost touch with what really matters.  The truly sexually perverted are not those who admire the female body for what God has created it.  The truly perverted are those who deny what God has naturally instilled in them, and instead fall into all other kinds of perversion.

  Incorrect teaching begets incorrect desire.  You don't have to take my word for it; just look at the scandals in the catholic Church.  Abstinence, Celibacy, and "sexual purity" haven't done all too much for these guys.  Do you really think "bouncing your eyes" and condemning other women for their natural beauty is going to make you more righteous?  It's not like you've discovered something new.  Even the Taliban went to the extreme of covering their women head to toe in fabric.  Guess which nation in the world has the highest rate of rape and perversion?

  It's certainly not our "lustful" north American nation.

  So, BE pure.  

1 Timothy 4:16 16 Attend to yourself and to the teaching. Be persisting in them, for in doing this you will save yourself as well as those hearing you.


EDIT: I also commented on her post and this is what I said;

You began this article in such a great tone.  You came across as a reasoning individual and then quickly descended into a religious tone.

You are right, young boys are simply not mature enough to handle seeing the beauty of the feminine form.  These girls have done nothing wrong, except show poor discretion in who sees their pictures.  It is natural for them to explore their sexuality and discover who they are.

Yet it is you who have done that which is impure.  You have taken what God has called GOOD and what is natural to his creation and called it evil.  THAT has a far more damaging affect on your boys than seeing scantily clad girls in their bedrooms.

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