Friday, September 13, 2013

One last Friday Quote

I'm really enjoying reading this book.  Anyways this here is one great quote that really thrust it's point home;

"The Mohammedan is sure that he has the true faith and all the rest are infidels.  He is shocked by the many gods of the Hindu and the three Gods of the Christian.  Just as men condemn themselves in accusing others, since they do the same, so the religionists of the earth mutually incriminate one another, though each holds fast to his own righteousness.  Christless Christianity, which believers must associate with His revelation in a special way, for it is supposed to be based on the Bible, is the most self-righteous of them all, as well as the most guilty, since it has the outward shell of the truth and a form of godliness based on God's Word, nevertheless lacks life and power, and is not only ungodly, but inhuman and sub-beastly, beyond the others."

- A.E. Knoch "Concordant Studies in the Book of Daniel

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