Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 32

Now that Tech week is over and the stage is set up, and pretty much everything is done in the theater...  I'm back at home again.  Taking today as an easy day and then I'll get back onto business again tomorrow.

Tonight I'm heading down to be at the theater by 4 o clock, still got to deal with the projectors, and call time is at 7...  Thing is, with Calgary's traffic, I'd rather be there super early than fighting and swearing at drivers who can't drive on these cotton pickin' streets.  They speed when it's icy, and slow to a crawl when it's perfectly safe.  It's purely maddening.

Pumphouse road is brutal too - it's a connector to Bow Trail which is a mob by rush hour.

Anyways, enough complaining.  I'm kicking back, catching up on some reading and some shows, and then out the door around 2 o clock to do some running around before I head down to the Pumphouse.

Soooo glad there's a show tonight.  I miss everyone!

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