Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 36

We're finally done everything for Children of a Lesser God.

While we're happy to get our lives back and eat healthy, get our laundry done, and have time to workout and everything else... Alot of us are feeling a little blue this week.  So many of us put so much of our time and heart into the play, and now that it's over.  The set is wrapped up, rehearsals are done, performances made...  We all miss it a great deal.

We all miss each other too.  It's amazing how people can grow in your heart over time.  I think it's a little like Heaven.  When people become part of your life, they leave little marks on your soul, and they never go away.  So I'll treasure the friendships we've made.  I'll laugh at the drama we've had, both the good and the bad... And yeah, I'll even miss fighting with the damn projectors virtually every night.

So now I have my regular schedule back - I'll be working on my A Plus now, reading that book from cover to cover and then going for my exam.

I'll be going to rehearsals for Titanic, which performs next month.

And then after that...  Well, I've got a few other shows lined up and then I'll find the next one.

But in the meantime, I'll keep on keeping on with the friendships I've made, and remembering... The world out there is far more precious than the world I've come to think of as safe, on the computer screen or in the XBOX.

6 years of cave dwelling and keeping to myself, licking my wounds after escaping the cult...

It's nice to discover that there are passions to keep alive.  Dreams to be realized, and that life can be greater than I ever imagined.  I'll try and not be too maudlin this week.  It worries my wife too much when I'm feeling blue and down in the dumps.  From everything I've heard though, it's normal after a show is done.

To all my friends, within the cast, and those who I've met in other places along life's journey...

Thanks for making your mark.


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