Thursday, June 20, 2013

Satan's Magic Trick


  So many people seem to think Satan operates today in the realm of "sin".  Are you a homosexual?  Satan's got his thumb on you.  Are you a smoker?  He's got you by the tail.  Are you a horny sexually crazed individual? (welcome to the human race) Satan's got you by the 'nads!

  This seems to be the "gospel" that is focused on by the Churches today.  They preach constantly against the "wiles" of Satan.  However Paul says;

Colossians 2:20-21
20 If, then, you died together with Christ from the elements of the world, why, as living in the world, are you subject to decrees:
21 "You should not be touching, nor yet tasting, nor yet coming into contact,"
22 (which things are all for corruption from use), in accord with the directions and teachings of men? --
23 which are (having, indeed, an expression of wisdom in a willful ritual and humility and asceticism) not of any value toward the surfeiting of the flesh.

  These are simply the teachings of men, and have nothing to do with the Gospel that Christ gave to Paul to be preached.

  In fact, we need to be clear where Satan operates.  What was Satan's first action against mankind?  We read in Genesis 3:1 he calls into question what we understand about God.

  Let me be even more explicit.  The realm which Satan operates in, has not changed since the time of Genesis 3:1.  He operates in realm of Religion.  He ALWAYS calls into question what God actually said, and influences our decision from that false understanding.

Proverbs 6:16-19
16 These are six things Yahweh hates,
Even seven that are an abhorrence to His soul:
17 Exalted eyes, a false tongue,
And hands that shed innocent blood;
18 A heart engrossed with lawless devisings,
Feet that make haste to run to evil,
19 A false witness who breathes out lies,
And one who instigates quarrels among brothers.

  Notice, most of the "sins" Christianity and most major religions focus on are not in that list.  But I can guarantee you can find every single one of these things in a Church.  Almost certainly in the man behind the pulpit.

  He, Satan, would rather have you looking at these "sins" than where he's really operating.  Which is the religious institutions we revere and see as "Holy".

  What a devilishly good magic trick.


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