Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Renewal

  Another busy night was had.  I had a brutal freaking migraine yesterday, got home and lay down for a while, and after my wife left for work I got some things done around the house and played with my little girl.  I love spending time with my daughter and am looking forward to our vacation when we will all get to spend a little more time as a family and get away for a bit.

  Maybe even catch up on some sleep.  God willing.

The Renewal of Reason

Romans 12:2 writes;
2 and not to be configured to this eon, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, for you to be testing what is the will of God, good and well pleasing and perfect.

  One of the greatest reasons I believe all organized religions are cults is simply this.  To be organized, you can not allow yourself or anyone else to have questions.  The moment questions are raised about your organization, you threaten the unity of that organization.  Any questions regarding inconsistency or conflict must be immediately dealt with by either humiliating the member, disciplining the member or ousting the member from the organization.

   This is not so with the Body of Christ (And I exclude Christianity and all forms of organized Christian religion from this Body). 

  The moment anyone tells you "Oh it's a mystery.  We can't understand it." Warning flags should be raised.

  It is true God conceals himself and hides himself, but no more so than a lover.  She conceals her beauty, both inward and outward and delights to have her lover discover herself.  God is no less so than this.  When you discover the depth of his grace, the delight in both his Spirit and yours is no less short of overwhelming.  The more we discover of his character, methods and motives, the more we learn about his history, plans and undertakings... The more we revel in his glory.

  Ask questions.  Constantly.  Test the will of God.  In so doing, your mind will be renewed.

  We cannot help but be transformed when we discover the secrets of God.  The more we realize how perfectly in control he is, the more we rest in his peace.  The more discover of his plans for the future, the more content we are to wait in gleeful anticipation.

   And as these things take hold in our hearts and minds, we will find ourselves holding more and more loosely to the present era, and looking forward to the celestial glories we have in Jesus Christ.



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