Monday, June 17, 2013

No profound thoughts today friends

So - I've had a migraine since last night when we went out for Father's day dinner.  Calgary's weather has been bonkers, and I'm so frakking tired too. So I'm perfectly suited for a migraine at the moment.

Anyways, weekend was mad crazy,  busy.  Hung out with some friends til 1am on Friday night, which I've discovered is not a good idea for me anymore.  I'm still tired from that night.  Although I did learn how to solder and work with the innards of electronics.

Saturday I was busy putting 5 computers together to install in my parent's afterschool.  As well as driving around the city with my daughter.  Who also woke me up dang early on Sunday to wish me a happy father's day. LOL

So I got up with the family and my wife made a wonderful breakfast for all of us.  Then she had to work, so I got those 5 computers together and took em down to the afterschool and installed them.  That took a couple hours, and then Cassidy and I went swimming together.

So it has NOT been a restful weekend, and I'm still freaking tired and a little out of it with this migraine.  So I have no great insights for anyone today.

I'm listening to Martin Zender's newest podcast and the most profound thing I have to offer you is; I wonder how good the wine was that Jesus made.  I mean this is the guy that brought all creation into being.  John 1:3, Col 1:16.  So he must have made some DAMN good wine.  Even the wedding guests were talking about how good it was.

Being that I love wine and love making it... I really wish there was some of that vintage somewhere.  Guess I'll have to wait a while before we can enjoy it at another date... I really hope there's wine when we get resurrected, cuz frankly - that's awesome stuff and it'd be a shame not to have it anymore.

There - my profound thought for the day.  Have a good one! :)


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