Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 7

  Wow, it's been a busy day.  I've had my parentals over since last night.  Apparently everyone who's had my port, well, almost everyone, loves it.  I've used up half of my last batch giving it to family and friends, and they want more.

   This stuff ain't cheap to make, one batch costs $300 to make.  So I got my parents and my brother to all chip in for the next one, $100 each makes it easier to swallow.  So, the point of all this is I spent most of the day running around all Calgary picking up the kit and components to making this stuff.  Along the way I did a few errands and got things done.  Met up with my folks for lunch as well.

    Tommorow morning I'll start up the kit.  This stuff is the epitome of patience.  It takes a year to make and every part of the process takes patience and care.  It's crazy, but by November next year, I'll have another batch of 30+ bottles of sweet nectar.

    Wine making is another hobby of mine.  It's fascinating, chemistry, patience, and at the end of it, something you can drink that; if you do it right, tastes wonderful.

   Do it wrong and it really sucks.

    No profound thoughts today, I'm afraid, just a busy day running around, and squeezing in a bit of writing when I could.

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