Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Pendulum Swings

What a day...  What a month really.

Life is like a pendulum.  It has it's high moments, and then it will swing down to it's lowest points and come back up to the highest again.

A month ago we were scrambling to get to BC.  Everything was going wrong.  The barbecue fell apart in the truck, crap fell all over everything.  Our cat got lost on the trip.  Cassidy was sick.  Jana was sick.  I was sick.  My tablet broke.  Our lawyer failed to disclose some important financial details on the sale of our house to us...By the time I got out here I was having significant doubts as to the wisdom of our move.

Nevertheless, we had clearly felt God directing us to move here.  So we held on and thanked God that my in-laws had given us a home for refuge.

We dug into our savings to clean up some of our financial needs.

We lived far more cheaply than we have ever done before.

Jana's parents took care of our immediate needs.

God is incredibly good.

I drove back from a job interview this afternoon enjoying the beauty of the countryside and feeling particularly blessed.  I felt the interview had gone really well, and thus far from what feedback I've heard it has.

The pendulum has swung up again.  And things are looking well.  I know there are valleys to come, and other mountaintop experiences that will also come my way...

But at this time in Canada, it's thanksgiving.  And I'm incredibly thankful to God for the blessings, and beauty and everything he has given me.  He is constantly faithful to me and my family.  Giving us far beyond all we need or ask.

I have been studying Romans lately and in my studies and meditations, I am learning that which can be painful.  Even evil - is also from God.  And God blesses us through evil as well as good.

Paul has written in Hebrews 12

11 Now all discipline, indeed, for the present is not seeming to be a thing of joy, but of sorrow, yet subsequently it is rendering the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those exercised through it.

  In fact of all the apostles it seems Paul suffered the most for his evangel and often talks of the blessing that resulted from persecution and other evils he experienced.

  Anyways... It's funny, I was accused today of being in a cult.  To which I had to laugh.

  I'm not in any kind of cult as I have no leaders about me.  No organization I've joined.  No creed I worship.  In fact, the only reason I believe what I believe is because the Bible says in black and white what I believe.

  I've been in cults.  Cults are about deprivation of freedom.  Deprivation of happiness.  Deprivation of time.  Cults are all about control and manipulation.

  My life's only master is God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus.  So... I'm not so sure my accusers are even aware that they, more likely than I, are probably part of a cult.

  That's what I find really amusing.

Anyways... Just some random thoughts today... It's been a good day, and I'm hoping for even better ones to come!

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