Monday, October 28, 2013

It's been busy

Hi faithful readers,

   I'm so sorry I've been delinquent in writing.  It's been extremely busy.  I also don't feel that it's particularly wise to do my blogging at work, as a brand new employee.

   At MPE, there were established break times, which made it very easy to take 15 mins to write on a blog.  At my new job, there are no such clear cut times for breaks.  So for me to go online and start blogging could easily look like I'm slacking off.

   Right now, I'm working hard at putting together a database, as well as other drafting concerns that I need to help with.  So, I'm learning lots every day, as well as doing alot every day.  My hours are... unusual.  8:30 - 5.  And I work 25km from home.  It's a 30 minute drive, depending on the level of traffic each day.

   My free time is even more fleeting it seems.

   I love you all, and when I get a routine established I'll try and get back to more regular writing.

   I'm also looking into meetups out here and trying to find a social life for me and my family.  It's tough not having many friends out here.  I'm hoping we can change that at some point.

   Take care fellow seekers, God bless.

Travis Penner

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