Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upward and Onward

So - I was going to write pretty soon after my last post.  I was just waiting for that recruiter to call me.

Well... She didn't call until just last Thursday.... 2 weeks since my original interview.

So now I have a second interview for Monday morning.  Tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it; but not the part where I have to say "I'm unavailable until July."

Uhm... yeah.  3 months :P  But there's nothing to be helped for it.  The baby is pretty much ready to come out any day now, and the wife can't take her mat leave until July.

Oh well - that's the ride, called life.  Always something going on.

In the meantime we've been busy getting the house ready for babyhood.  Jana's been exposing the animals to as much baby stuff as possible to acclimatize them to babyness.  We think our dog is really going to have a jealous fit after the baby comes.

Aside from all that excitement; I've been busy working with the cast on Joseph.  4 weeks left to get everything prepared.  We move into the theater April 9th, which in itself shall be interesting - the baby should be here by then.

Oh and on March 25th, I take my A+ exams.  Which I'm fairly confident about, I think if I took them right now, I'd get 90%... good thing.  I don't want to fail when it costs 300 bucks each time I take it. :P

Sorry for the disjointed blog this time.  Not too much really has changed.  This one's just an update... really.  I'll probably have lots more to say in the coming weeks though.

On more interesting thoughts and recollections.

Friday night I was at a friend's birthday party.  It wasn't bad at all.  Not long after we arrived we were attempting to make a margarita using a blender...  I'm not sure what recipe the girls were using, but apparently it turned out pretty foul.  In an attempt to make the birthday girl happy, Jana and I went out to pick up a few things, and a martini shaker for her.

I don't know if they ever used it, about an hour or two later we left.  Jana was just too wiped out to stay much later.  However, I was quite piqued with the idea of making my own martini.  My lovely wife bought me a martini shaker yesterday, apparently it was on sale.  And it's quite nice, it has different recipes for making different drinks all engraved on the side of it.

So that's my plan tonight.  I'm going to see if I can make a James Bond Martini... however I can't remember... was it "Shaken, not stirred" or was it "Stirred, not shaken"?

And really... how can it taste any different anyways?

Also interesting, Friday night I got to talking to birthdaygirl's brother.  Really easy fellow to talk to, we had fun.  Especially interesting was our conversation about Zeitgeist.

Now I've heard of these films before, but the last person I spoke to about it, was a bit sycophantic about it.  Which really turned me off of the stuff (if you're reading this dude, sorry, but it's true)  Anyways, her brother actually made it sound interesting, and rather than fearing the image of a demented prophet foaming at the mouth screaming the injustices of government and modern society, he made it sound like a reasonably interesting documentary.

Perhaps when I have some free time I might check it out.

What do you think?  Have you seen Zeitgeist or any other documentaries that have changed your world view?  Or even influenced your understanding of God and faith?

Travis Penner

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