Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hurrying up and waiting

Sorry I haven't been keeping things up to date on here very much.  I don't really know if that many people actually READ this; so I'm not always motivated to keep it updated.

But alas; two of my friends who shall remain unnamed (Kristi, and Jen) bug me about it from time to time, as does my wife occasionally, SO - I shall write.

Here's the scoop.  I have my A+ exam coming up this Friday; so I've been studying about 6 or 8 hours a day just to make sure I pass... I'd rather not have to shell out $300 to take it again, so if I fail, I'm going to be rather upset.

Not to mention the baby is due by April 6th, so when she shows up on the scene, I highly doubt I'll get much further studying in.

Things have been going well though.  We've been getting to know the birth mother and bringing her food at least once a week, she's absolutely exhausted as she nears the end of this pregnancy.  I think she wants to see the baby out as much as we do.

In addition to me studying, my wife has also been hitting the books.  Her exams also come up  in April, and the two of us have become surly as constipated dragons guarding their horde, she has very nearly bitten MY head off when I suggest getting together with other people.  SO, call her at your own risk.

Oh!  And in addition to all this excitement, I shall be getting a hearing aid on my left ear.  It seems that people who wear hearing aids (even if they ARE deaf) tend to get put higher on the implant priority list than those without... which sucks.  BUT, on the bright side, my audiologists tells me that our ears, magically mysterious things they are, still process sound and stuff even if it ain't ALL getting to our consciousness.  So piping sound into my left ear will keep it healthy, and prepared for implantation.

Now if only sticking a hearing aid in it will magically revive my ear to working order once again... We can all hope for miracles. :P

Oh and for those who've asked.  The job sitch.

Well Jana's going to be starting her mat leave in July.  As such, I've let any potential employers know I will not be available til then.

The one that I was talking with a little while back, was fine with this; and ask that I let them know when I'm back and able to work full time.  While not really a job offer per se, it's an encouraging step in that direction.

Hmm... I think that's it for updates.  Tonight I'm off for another night of rehearsals for Joseph's Technicolor Dream coat.  I hope I see some of you there at the show!!

Travis Penner

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