Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 4 Post Fast


  This fast has definitely improved my life.  I can sleep so much more deeply now, even if I wake up momentarily.  My head feels clearer, and I appreciate healthy food much more.  I've pretty much decided not to drink anything with caffeine any longer.  To limit my snacks at work to nuts and vegetables, and significantly reduce the amount of fast food in my life.

   As well, once I've finished recovering my body from the fast (I'd like to give it a week before doing anything punishing to it) I want to start doing physical activity daily that will help my body stay in good shape and resist migraines.

   By monday night I was thoroughly nauseous at the idea of any more fruit, so Jana made me some chicken noodle soup, which hit the spot perfectly.  Tuesday morning my breakfast was fruit, and snacks were assorted vegetables as well as almonds.  My lunch was chicken soup again.  For supper I had bean enchiladas my wife again cooked for me.  Which was excellent, however I think I ate too much soup and beans and had some stomach cramps at night while I was sleeping.

   I've reined it in a bit more today and stopping well short of feeling full.  Hopefully that will help.  Tonight is just left overs.

   I just can't get over how light and free I feel after only 10 days of fasting.  No doubt the decrease in blood pressure, the detox, and lifestyle change is all working together to give me a much clearer mind than I have before.  We'll see how this continues to unfold.

Cadmanz... healthy and happy

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