Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Got an Interview!!!

I know it's been a while.

Even my wife was shaking her head at me last night, "You haven't been blogging!"

And to be honest, I'm a little worried sometimes if EI might be checking up on my activities or if potential employers might take offense...  So I took a little time off.

Christmas has been crazy busy, running everywhere, getting gifts, meeting people, making dinners...  When finally we had no plans, we basically collapsed at home and sighed in relief.  Thank God.

After Christmas and NYE, a friend of mine took me out to Las Vegas with him.  He wanted me with him for CES.  We did so much walking I lost 10 pounds.

And as I walked through Vegas, so aptly named as Sin City.  Seeing all the porn everywhere and the shallowness of some of it.  I couldn't help but think, "Not all that glitters is gold, nor is all that's sexy is real."

Ain't it though?  Beautiful girls on flyer's everywhere, Mexicans handing out cards with naked girls and phone numbers on 'em.  Nightclubs promising that even the sorriest looking fellow will get laid...

Even without my wife, it wasn't too hard to behave down there.  After 3 days there, the constant inundation of sex without strings almost made me feel sick.  I probably would've enjoyed things alot more with my wife along.  My friend is a good guy, but there's something about having your BEST friend with you to share everything with - there's no replacement.

So we left the sunny skies of 14 degree weather in Vegas and with mixed feelings returned home to -30 weather in Calgary.  I was glad to see my wife, horrified to be living in this weather.

Today is the first day the cold snap has finally lifted a bit, it's -10 outside...

And I'm dog sitting my parent's golden retriever who is about as dumb and annoying as they can get... I can finally kick him outside when he annoys me too much and be rid of him for a while... he won't keel over in -10...  he COULD keel over in -30... And I'm not cruel.

Most of the time.

So immediately after returning home from Vegas, I began working with the crew on Titanic in the evenings.

We have two massive sets to move.  The plan was to reconfigure them 26 times throughout the show to give the audience the feel of a massive ship.  It was also like a ballet, moving these massive staircases around.  It took 8 people, 4 people on each set.

My crew consisted of 3 small girls, 2 of them in the early teens.  We were so in sync, moving that set around, getting it on the spikes quickly and almost perfectly.  Except... in the last half of opening night, a wheel blew on the other set.  Not mine.

With 15 people on top of the set, those wheels were easily supporting over 2 tons of weight.  Lesson learned, always get better wheels than you think you need to support massive weight on sets.

But hey - it's theater... something ALWAYS goes wrong.

Anyways, after that we went down from 26 scene changes to 2....

We move the sets as sparely as possible now, with NO ONE on them.  Any weight and the broken wheel will gouge the stage... not a good thing.

I was pretty disappointed.  I really liked the way the set moved and it added that little bit of magic to the show.

C'est la vie.

Three more shows left, and then I move on to working with Joseph's Technicolor Coat as ASM.  That'll keep me busy in the evenings.

And thank GOD for theater.  While I'm out of work, I need something outside of the house to make me feel like I'm still alive, still useful, and still matter.

In the meantime during the days I still study, send out resumes and catch up on necessary chores.

It's not a bad life, but I'm looking forward to getting a job again.

Speaking of which, I have an interview tomorrow.  I really hope it goes well.  It's for IT Support, which is exactly where I want to be!


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